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Oil lamp with wall bracket and reflector #1026A-SUP

Set of one polished oil lamp #1026A and one wall bracket #SUPBR6 and one reflector #REFBR6.

Hammered oil lamp made of fine pewter with French burner #6. Height 10 inches.

The lamp is sold complete with 1 burner, 1 wick and 1 clear glass chimney.

Wall bracket:
Set of pewter wall bracket and reflector made for Chaudron oil lamps provided with a French burner #6 only.

It is of the responsibility of the consumer to make sure that the anchoring in the wall for the wall bracket (#SUPBR6) is adequate to support the weight of the oil lamp.

1. Determine the height to which you want to install the wall bracket (out of reach of children).
2. Always leave a minimum clearance of one meter (3 feet) over a lit oil lamp.
3. Use a level to install the wall bracket very straight and mark the location for the 2 screws, separated one an other by 10 cm (4 inches).
4. Install the wall bracket in a solid material or use anchorings suited according to the type of wall.
5. Use 2 screws, of sufficient length, with a V head type screw #8 for wood and fix solidly the wall bracket.

Do not leave a lit oil lamp without supervision and keep out of reach of children.
Verify periodically that the wall bracket is well fixed to the wall.
Also verify if the wall bracket moves or if there seems be a loose between the wall bracket and the wall.
We recommend you use as fuel, in your Chaudron oil lamp,  clear liquid paraffin, as it is smoke-free and oderless.
CAD $225.00